If  like me you would like to take back ownership of your life and vagina and give a big “Up yours” to anyone who dares pass judgement on you, your baby, your post baby body, your parenting skills and all the other motherhood bullshit no one dared warn you about, then you my fabulous friend are in the right place!

Welcome to The Baby Bible; A place you can be your gloriously straight talking and unashamed self – NO JUDGEMENT.

Come join me and my No Bullshit Mum Revolution taking down all the dirty little secrets of motherhood. No subject too ugly, too toe curling or too sensitive. Through the blog, The Confessional forum and up-coming book, I will be tackling them head on until we all feel less useless, less paranoid and more like our old selves.   Halle-bloody-lujah.

Hold onto your stitches and nappy bags.  It’s going to be one hell of a ride!