Do you want to take back ownership of your life and vagina and give a big “Up yours” to anyone who dares pass judgement on you, your baby, your post baby body, your parenting skills and all the other motherhood bullshit no one dared warn you about?  If so, you my fabulous friend are in the right place!

Welcome to The Baby Bible and The No Bullshit Mum Revolution.  A funny, straight talking,  and strictly no bullshit sanctuary supporting all mums jumping through impossible hoops to create the façade that we are coping in this foreign land of Motherhood.

From vagina trout pouts to post baby poos.  Having another humans puke in your mouth to the MOFO of all MOFOs  that is Postnatal Depression – Me and the fellow No Bullshit Mums have your back and then some!

Come and join the new straight talking movement taking Motherhood by the balls as we discuss ALL areas of motherhood – No judgement!

Hold onto your stitches and nappy bags.  It’s going to be one hell of a ride!