MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!  Olivia founder of The Baby Bible & The No Bull Mum has now launched – The Every Mum Movement – “Empowering Every Mum to take care of their Maternal Mental Health”.  Therefore, she will now be concentrating on the movement and writing for The Every Mum Blog.  Olivia has wrote this last ever post for The Baby Bible to let you know what she is up to and how you can get involved and still read her articles.  Read more here

Olivia’s book on Motherhood, Mayhem and Mental Health is being published by Harper Collins and will be in stores Feb 2018.

For more information on what she’s up to please drop her a note at



The Baby Bible and The No Bullshit Mum Revolution is taking the Parenting world by storm as it addresses all the crap no one else is willing to tell you about whilst providing the most honest and supportive commentary on real motherhood as we know it – no judgement!

Born from my post baby ramblings, it has now grown into something quite special, uniting Thousands of mums worldwide all supporting the ethos of not throwing another mum under the parental bus just because her choices are different to your own.  If you are looking for a place you can rejoice in being your awesome mum self.  A place to feel supported no matter what baby mess you happen to be covered in and a place to celebrate Motherhood no matter how ugly it gets then you my fabulous friend are in the right place!

Hold onto your stitches and nappy bags.  It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

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