November 20, 2013

About The Baby Bible

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!  Olivia founder of The Baby Bible & The No Bull Mum has now launched – The Every Mum Movement – “Empowering Every Mum to take care of their Maternal Mental Health”.  Therefore, she will now be concentrating on the movement and writing for The Every Mum Blog.  Olivia has wrote this last ever post for The Baby Bible to let you know what she is up to and how you can get involved and still read her articles.  Read more here

Olivia’s book on Motherhood, Mayhem and Mental Health is being published by Harper Collins and will be in stores Feb 2018.

For more information on what she’s up to please drop her a note at



The Baby Bible is a place for all women out there wanting a straight talking, no bullshit sanctuary and an escape away from the shitty situations we face daily on the battlefields of motherhood.

The idea for The Baby Bible started out as the ramblings and rants of writer and mum Olivia Siegl, who after reading all the traditional baby books felt smugly prepared to be the owner of a tiny human. What a load of Bullshit! Once she had pushed her baby, sanity and any dignity she had left out and into this world it suddenly dawned on her that the book dealing with the hilarious, downright horrific and at times incredibly dark realities of motherhood did not exist. To preserve her sanity she decided to start writing about them herself and then to share them with fellow mums.

It soon became apparent that she was not alone in the wilderness of motherhood, trying to negotiate her way around the daily pitfalls no one had warned her about pre baby, as she started to hear from hundreds of women worldwide who were in exactly the same situation but just not talking about it.

Following the overwhelming support from fellow mums, all after a fresh and un-sugar-coated perspective on the reality of motherhood, Olivia wrote a book, set up a website and is currently inviting all like minded mums out there to join her in her No Bullshit Revolution!