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April 28, 2016

Blog, Lifestyle, The Baby Bible

What the F£$&! Am I wearing?!? Rocking the School Run(way) – kindof-sortof-NOT!

vicky with buggy

Seriously, I have left the house in some God awful numbers to do the school run but, OH-MY-DAYS, my latest ensemble takes the bloody biscuit (or should I say Weetabix as this was the food of choice pebble-dashed down my …

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March 23, 2016

Blog, Lifestyle, The Baby Bible

Read the Parenting book too “real” and “risky” to be published here


  Okay so as promised here is the first instalment of the book “The No Bullshit Guide to Motherhood” deemed too “real” to be published – Hope you enjoy!!!   The Baby Bible: The No Bullshit Guide to Motherhood Welcome …

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November 3, 2015

Blog, Childbirth, Lifestyle, The Baby Bible

Do we Need Midwives? As featured on HotMilk – The Guilty Parent Podcast


Could you have got through child birth minus your midwife? And would you even consider stepping into the labour ward without her by your side? These are the questions I was invited down to the big smoke to have a …

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October 1, 2015

Blog, Post Natal Depression, The Baby Bible

Giving Postnatal Depression The BIG Push with Acacia Family Support


  When I was suffering with the day-in and day-out hell that is Postnatal Depression some mornings just mustering up the strength to get out of bed was an uphill battle.  I longed for days where I didn’t feel the …

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