November 1, 2016


Don’t be Such a Bellend! – Making a Stand Against the Judgey McJudgey Pants!


YES this mug is awesome and YES there's Gin in it ; )

YES this mug is awesome and YES there’s Gin in it ; )


Why do you always moan about being a mum?….How do you have the time to write?….Shouldn’t you be looking after your kids rather than writing?…Don’t you feel bad for oversharing your life?….Why can’t you write about the good bits of Motherhood?….You don’t have many followers…..You’re writing is ok but its a bit too honest…..I don’t like what you write…..You’re a bellend.

“Well stick a rocket up my ass and send me to the moon!” or alternatively, just stop reading what I write!

Ok, I get it. I get that by writing a blog you put yourself out there for the good, the bad and the ugly opinions on what you write and you know what i’m not even going to reel off the usual grown-up-rising-above-it-all spin and try to justify what I write or the way I write it blah, blah, blah…Because, you know what? thats just not my “overly honest share all” style. Instead I’m just going to say a big fat “WHATEVER”

Before, I started this blog, I was writing at home whilst my newborn slept. I was furiously writing as a way of coping, as a way of fathoming out all the pressure to be more perfect than ever. I needed a voice stronger than my own, a voice that cut through and stood out amongst the plethora of parenting vanilla. I needed to speak out honestly. I needed to air all the topics everyone else seemed too scared to even mention. I needed something to help me keep a grip on this new world I found myself in whilst battling unbeknown with the fooker that is PND. I needed to stand up against the judgement myself and other mums like me were getting thrown at us. Judgment that has no place in this land we call Motherhood.


“Ever so sorry I can’t stop to give a shit about me being a “bellend”, Italian Vogue are calling!”

Therefore, if you think i’m a bit crap, a bit too honest and basically not your cup of tea then, you know what? thats fine. I’m OK with that. Honestly, its alright, we are not family, we are not besties, hell if we passed each other in the street then we wouldn’t even recognise each other. That’s why I would like you to know that regardless of the turd you want to sling, then please come and take your best shot, because I quite frankly couldn’t give a rats ass.

Lots of love Liv xxx

Oh and just to end this rant on a high note and inkeeping with my standard “bellend” ways then here are a couple of shots of me looking my bog standard fabulously ridiculous! You just can’t keep a #nobullmum down xx

Anyone else wanting to make a stand against judgement, nasty misguided opinions and general dickheadedness then please feel free to come and exercise you’re right to not having to put up with bullshit, by liking my  Facebook page and joining the #nobsmumrevolution – supporting ALL mums – NO Judgement! You can also join the secret fb group and join lots of other fellow no bull mums by emailing me xx  I also hang out in my weetabix pebble dashed pjs on instagram The Baby Bible and on Twitter @thebabybible

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