March 8, 2017


Event though you are not here I am Celebrating YOU this International Womens Day

My Inspirational Woman

I don’t think we ever spoke about International Women’s Day together and if I give it some more thought I’m pretty sure that, thanks to you not having what you used to call (with a bemused look on your face) “an internet-y thing” that you probably didn’t know it even existed.

However, this year as International Women’s day arrives and passes, this day is more poignant to me than ever before.  You see, I’ve woken up to posts celebrating the acheivements of the extraordinary women we all know worldwide, their extraordinary accomplishments and their groundbreaking fetes.  I’ve watched the TV adverts and seen a plethora of social media campaigns, posts and memes lifting women up and sprinkling a dash of female power dust over everything we do; from the record breaking to the heart breaking, the extraordinary to the ordinary and every day.  And it has reminded me of something, something that until now I had never realised fully or even recognised.  It has been a reminder that before all this, before the uplifting and inspiring ad campaigns celebrating us females, and before the inspiration, confidence and pride this day fills me with.  Before, social media posts reassuring me that #thisgirlcan. There was you.

For the last 38 years I have been privileged and beyond lucky to have my very own personal and inspiring ad campaign, my own personal movement cheering me on, telling me that with hard work and determination I can achieve anything.  I’ve had my own personal quote maker that would make even the savviest Instagramer proud (and slightly envious) telling me to “take one day at a time”, “Deep breaths, you CAN do it” and that “yesterday has gone, tomorrow is yet to come, so just concentrate on today”.  I have had my very own personal International Women’s Day, every day at the end of a phone or sitting across from me with a cuppa and a custard cream.  That is until today.

You haven’t been with us for almost two months now and this is something I am still struggling to get my head and heart around. However, today on International Womans Day, I want you to know that everything you have taught me, every wise word you have shared, every piece of grit and determination you instilled in me and your never ending support and unwavering belief that I could be anything I set my mind too lives on.  It is something I call upon every day.  It is your words of calm and understanding that I quote.  Your cheers of support I repeat when I am not feeling brave and when a social media hashtag does not quite meet the mark.  It is you that provides the courage to my convictions.

Thank you, thank you a million times thank you for lifting me up, making me feel proud to be me and for being my inspiration and driving force on this International Womens Day and for all those to come.  I miss you too much.  You not being here still hurts too much.  However, thanks to you and what you have taught me about being a strong woman, when life and its challenges get too much, this woman will come out fighting!

Thank you xx

This post is dedicated to the funny, intelligent, brave and inspiring Mary Ellen Rowley – 18.06.37-11.01.17