May 13, 2015

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Not Just a Potty Mouth – Meeting the Real Mum behind The Baby Bible




Don’t judge a mum by her blog….

But its so easy to isn’t it? You know what I mean, its so easy to look at someones blog and make a judgement about what type of mummy blogger they are….Model Mummy, Eco mummy, organic mummy, frazzled mummy, potty mouthed-don’t-give-a-shit- mummy.  I’ve done it, I’ve browsed the blogs and made snap judgements based on the first few paragraphs of the latest article, the intro piece on the “About Me” page and the quality of the images.  However, how much do we really know about the mum behind the blog?

I have been thinking about this for a while now in relation to The Baby Bible and what I am putting out there into the blogosphere.  They say that your blog should be a true reflection of yourself or at least a true reflection of what you are about and that the most engaging blogs have got this heady mix of truth, eye candy, humour and quality writing nailed.

With this in mind, I got to looking at my blog and I mean really looking at it.  If i’m really honest I was not that happy with everything I saw and at times felt slightly uncomfortable and a tad red faced about certain aspects of it (cue Vagina Trout Pouts and the liberal use of the F word).  Some of the articles I can’t quite believe came from my good self and you know why?  It’s because they didn’t.  You see, there are two people behind this blog and one of them you have never met.  One of them you have no idea even exists…that is until now.

Ladies, I have an admission to make and please don’t judge me for it.  Some of the words behind The Baby Bible and (I admit it) some of the more funnier, close to the bone and downright crazy articles come from the hands and straight talking potty mouth of a good friend of mine.  Someone, who is not too scared to tell it like it is.  Someone willing to put (in her words) her vagina on the line and speak up for all No Bullshit Mums out there, until people start taking notice and start supporting all mums in this new movement of non-judgemental parenting.

I for one (for the first time since starting The Baby Bible) think its about time you met this fabulous lady who has not only provided some of the darker and wittier elements of The Baby Bible but is the very reason I was brave enough to start the blog, book and this crazy journey in the first place.

Everyone please be upstanding (unless you have recently pushed a Tiny human out of your vagina) for the one and only Ms Kitty Fierce.

Let me tell you more about her….

I first met Kitty 6 months after having my first Tiny Human and since then she has gotten me through some of the darkest of days and provided me with a level of bravery and kick ass prowess I never knew I had.  She is a formidable femme fatale, with a penchant for leopard print, sky scraper heels and fierce red lips that leave you wondering what the hell they will unleash onto the world next.  She is my most shocking friend, fiercest ally and the alter ego I channel when I need to get through the toughest of days with my Postnatal Depression or need to write an article that makes people stand up and take notice.  Yes ladies, I’ve found that as women and as Mothers what we really need rather than a Superhero (with to-die- for- thighs in figure hugging tights) is actually a force to be reckoned with Alter Ego with flame red lips and figure hugging dress of the animal print variety.  Kitty Fierce is mine.


"Getting my Kitty Fierce on!"

“Getting my Kitty Fierce on!”


Writing with my alter-ego hat on has enabled me to write frankly about the darker and more shocking areas of Motherhood and has breathed a fire of belief into my belly for what I am trying to achieve not only with The Baby Bible movement but in my day- to-day life.  Whether that be mustering up the strength to get through a particularly bad day with my Postnatal Depression or fuelling a darker side of my humour that enables me to see the funny side of having another humans shit down my fingernails.

Yes, here at The Baby Bible you get two mums for the price of one and depending on what type of day I am having will determine which one you will be hearing from!

So who am I, you may ask ,when I’m not channeling Ms Fierce?

Me, myself and I are known to my bemused family and friends as “Liv”.  Mum of two delicious Tiny Humans and the wife to an equally delicious hubby that looks a bit like Rob Lowe (whitwhooo!).  God knows what any of my family, friends and their hubbys think of me chatting “Trout Pouts” and using terms such as “Mother F&^%£@!” like it’s going out of fashion (as this is not my every day over-dinner chat!).  If I’m honest I try not to think about it too much for fear I will cringe so much that I will consorteena myself into the shape of a Spanish fan.  I also cannot put into words how grateful I am that my dad doesn’t know how to use the TV remote let alone the internet so will never see some of the articles on my blog (in particular those talking about bedraggled vaginas) and me and my mum have made each other a solemn promise to never admit to him the help she gave me editing the Trout Pout rhyme.  Seriously, having my mum ponder what words best rhyme with vagina is one of the most surreal moments of The Baby Bible to date!






However, at the base of all this humour, straight talking and occasional potty mouthed rants is the beating heart of the project and my true passion.  To support ALL mums, NO judgement by offering women who now find themselves in this wonderful yet crazy and daunting world of motherhood a safe, non judgmental port in the storm.  The Baby Bible movement is about bringing together fellow women and mums who believe that no mum should be taunted, belittled or thrown under the parental bus just because they do not make the same choices.  Its about highlighting the difficult areas of motherhood, the areas we all feel too ashamed and fearful to talk about and instead put them out and on the table until these topics and the knowledge of them is common place.

I have always (at least in my own mind) been a writer.  Being diagnosed with Postnatal Depression and suffering the exhausting battle with the illness did steal some of my identity, however,  it also fuelled the writer within, as my blog and book was my way of communicating the depths of the despair I was feeling, the rawness of emotion and the overwhelming grief that took over my life when I least expected it.  Out of this battle The Baby Bible was born and that is something I will always be grateful for.  You see after starting this project it soon became apparent that I was not the only mum out there feeling a little let down by my preparation for Motherhood. I was not the only one wanting to talk about the actual realities of being a mum in all their warts and all glory and I was not the only one who was suffering with PND with no idea what it was or how to overcome it.  Most poignantly, I was not the only one too fearful and ashamed to sometimes admit how hard it was being a mum despite how much I adored my Tiny Humans.

Since starting The Baby Bible a year ago life has been one hell of a ride and one hell of a crazy blur.  The baby quota in The Baby Bible house has gone up and the sleep quota down and my passion for showing my girls that they can do whatever they set their mind too has seen The Baby Bible grow into something really special.  Alongside the blog, Facebook groups and Twitter I’ve also somehow managed to convince the likes of The Huffington Post to let me write regularly for them with one of my articles reaching a whopping 23,000 likes on Facebook (un bloody believable).  You can also find my words on Motherhood being featured on Parentdish UK, Parentdish Canada, Mamia, the Kiddicare blog and  more recenly I have been commissioned to write for leading UK magazines including Essentials magazine (which to this glossy print loving momma is a dream come true).  I am also working my knackered mums bum off to try and secure a publishing deal for my book “The Baby Bible” The No Bullshit Guide to Motherhood” which, in itself, has been a roller coaster journey of highs (getting an Agent over drinks at The Groucho and Penguin Publishers loving it) to soul destroying lows (parting ways with my Agent over drinks at The Groucho and the Penguin Marketing team not loving the fact I wasn’t an “expert”) – Close but no cigar!  However, the journey with the book continues and I will keep you posted on some exciting developments at a later (keeping everything crossed in the meantime) date…..



“These little ladies ROCK my world!”


However, amidst all this “cool stuff” the most rewarding and humbling part of starting this project has been getting to know, hear and share experiences with all you amazing No Bullshit Mums.  I absolutely LOVE hearing from you all and have been inundated with amazing emails of support from fellow mums who have found me, the blog or one of my articles floating around and have got in touch to say how much they have enjoyed it and/or how much it has helped them.  This is what keeps both myself and the formidable Kitty Fierce doing what we are doing.  You are what keeps us striving to support all mums no judgement and you my lovely lot are what fuels the fire in our bellies and the potty in our mouths to keep telling it like it is – NO BULLSHIT ALLOWED!

Now you know the real Mum/s behind the blog I hope you will stay tuned for more and invite others along for the ride!

Lots of love and lipstick red kisses

Liv & Kitty


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