March 4, 2015

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Hair? Remember that stuff on top of your head? Top Ten Tips on Getting Hairluscious Post Baby!

kate sibthorpe
Lets face it, the one thing we neglect the most once becoming a mum is ourselves.  I don’t know about you all but I was adamant during my first pregnancy that once she came along I would still make time to look my best.  I wouldn’t be “letting myself go” anytime soon and despite the lack of sleep and total shift in my universe I would always try and make time to at the very least shave my legs and brush my hair.  Two years and two babies later, I cannot remember the last time I did either -seriously!  (Yes, my hubby is one lucky man!)
I don’t know about you ladies but if my hair is feeling good (and by good I mean washed for once!) It actually makes me feel a whole lot better about myself and gives me and my post baby self a bit of a confidence boost.  Therefore, thanks to our fellow No Bullshit Mum and Tamer of the tresses, Kate Sibthorpe, Hair Stylist and Mummy extraordinaire,  us and our post baby locks need be neglected no longer and we get to leave the house feeling a bit more like our old selves!
Over to you Kate……..
As well as being new mums and making sure all our muffin bundles get the best they can from us. Let’s not forget that being a mum is a hard, tiring, at times stressful job. So we need to make time to treat ourselves too!!!
Here are some top tips on how to keep your hair looking its best!
1. Keep calm
Firstly it’s not uncommon for hair to start falling our post baby (particularly after breast feeding) On average we lose 50-100 strands PER DAY so post baby you should double that, as you retain the hair during pregnancy that would fall out. So try not to panic if the plug hole and brush gets clogged up quicker than usual! And it’s also not uncommon for some women to suffer from post pregnancy alopecia. And not worrying about it is the best cure!
2. Vita up
During pregnancy our bodies are drained of everything good to make our growing babies strong which we take supplements for. So post baby why not continue to take the supplements? Particular ones which are good and not expensive are Vitamin C and Iron. Keeps your hair strong and naturally shiny!
3. Treat yourself
Having regular haircuts is the best way to keep your hair strong and healthy. (This is difficult with a baby) so at least make sure you visit every 10-12weeks. And those of you with long hair try having it cut dry instead of wet to save time Inbetween baby feeds!
4. Hair oil
You don’t have to go expensive with this one! Loreal have been around for years, and in my opinion provide the best supermarket buy! And if you want to splash out I would highly recommend Kitoko Hair Oil. Warm it first by working into your hands, Apply to JUST half way down the hair and the ends when wet. And if your hair is particularly dry apply again when dry!
5. Go sulphate free
Sulphates are salts that allow shampoo to foam up giving it the appearance that it’s cleaning your hair! It’s all an illusion!! And actually can dry your hair and scalp out! Especially when our hormones are trying to rebalance post baby!
Try and read the labels to see which ones contain Sodium lauryl sulphate. And AVOID!
Again Loreal do a great one which can be found in the supermarkets! And remember they won’t foam up like a normal shampoo! But they still clean the same!
6. Dry shampoo
Life saver to soak up 4 days worth of not having time to wash your bonce! Need I say more?  Who has time to wash hair every day with a baby?
Avoid the dreaded white powder streak, by giving it a good shake first and keep your distance from scalp.  You can also extend the life of your freshly washed hair by applying the dry shampoo as soon as you have washed and dried it.
7. Double wash
If you busy mums are leaving it a few more days that usual between washes, then double up and shampoo twice! Especially if you are dry shampooing.
First wash won’t foam and is only washing product from your hair.  your natural oils after a few days form a barrier from the shampoo. You will find the 2nd shampoo will be cleansing your hair and scalp.
8.Fighting the naturally oily scalp
If like me, you suffer with dare I say greasy hair (especially more so post baby) try applying the shampoo before your hair is soaking wet and make sure you distribute all over. Try to rub it right into your scalp for about 1 min. It won’t foam up so much but that’s good!
9. Boost the volume
Ladies with hair that’s fine and thinner, ditch the shampoos that state they provide beautiful lusciously thick hair! Unfortunately they don’t work for most. Instead why not try tipping your head upside down when blowdrying. And if you have time before hand, massaging in a root boosting product to the roots can lengthen the life of the hair volume. By tipping your head upside down your training your hair to sit that way rather than drying it flat to your head. (kinda like when you have a fringe cut in which needs a bit of attention to sit right when drying)
10. Home made hair treatment
Treat yourself once a week. Add a few drops or pumps of your hair oil into your conditioner to make a nice weekly treatment. Wash and towel dry first of course. Clip it up and leave on for as long as you like, in fact the longer the better! I usually forget mines on when I get distracted by feeding or nappy changing. You can cling film your head with it on too. The warmth from your head will allow the treatment to penetrate your hair better especially with very dry hair. Not everyone will have time for that though and it’s fiddly and slippery!
Here’s to fabulous luscious locks ladies and at the very least a good excuse to give our bonces a well earned treat!  Want more post baby hair tips froms the gorgeous Kate then go pay her a visit on Instagram @hairmadk8 or drop her a line at Hairmadk8@icloud