February 13, 2015

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Top Ten Tips on Post Baby Fitness from No Bullshit Mum Expert Jenni Ainge



The No Bullshit Mum Revolution is made up of lots of awesome mums who alongside bringing up their Tiny Humans are also one hell of a talented bunch in their own right.  Therefore, starting this week I am launching a new feature to celebrate the amazingly diverse range of our No bullshit Mums and their talents in the “No Bullshit Mum Expert Top Ten Tips” feature.  First up we have the gorgeous Jenni Ainge, who alongside a successful career and taking care of her handsome Tiny Human she is a qualified Boot Camp instructor and is kindly sharing her expertise and best post baby bum toning tips for us all!  What I love about Jenni’s Top Ten Tips on Post Baby Fitness is that they are all about being kind to our post baby bodies and are geared towards easing ourselves and our thighs back into fitness – no pressure and no unrealistic targets!

Over to you Jenni…….

Jenni’s Post Baby Fitness Guide 

Most important thing to remember is that your body has just gone through a great ordeal so don’t rush into doing exercise until your body is ready. Its easy to say I feel ready to do exercise but is your body really ready?

Did you know that during pregnancy your abdominal muscles come apart to allow room for your baby to grow. These muscles take time to go back into place and you really shouldn’t do any stomach exercises until your top abdominal muscles are back in place. You can check this by just under the bust push down and if you still feel a little squidgy then your muscles are not back to normal, however if you push down and you feel slightly firm then you are ok to doing some exercises. (check with your midwife or doctor if unsure)

Depending on how fit you are here’s some top 10 exercises (after your 6 week doctors check):

Walking – walking is great exercise to do for both you and the baby in the pram, if you have had a vaginal delivery and you feel a little throbbing after a while don’t worry this is fine, it is literally the blood circulating down below to help that area heal however do not over do this, as soon as you feel this you should consider stop walking and try again another day.

There is a good technique to walking with the buggy to ensure you use all the muscles correctly, simply push the buggy from your legs and bum with minimum effort from the arms, you will feel the difference straight away.

Step ups

Step ups are great and when you pull the opposite elbow up to the opposite knee you are not only doing a cardio work out you are also working your core and really engaging with those abdominal muscles


Running or running on the spot

Only if your body is ready to attempt running -If you do start running and you find that you have a little wet in your panties, then it’s a bit too soon to start running. If you run through this you will weaken your pelvic floor even more and though you may not be suffering much now the chances are that you will later on in life!

By doing short stints of running on the spot and then suddenly increasing the pace for 10 – 20 seconds will really increase the heart rate and get your body burning fat. Try and do this for 5 mins a great exercise.



Not only do squats result in a great bum and fantastic quads they are also amazing for engaging and strengthening your pelvic floor. To make squats varied you can do different feet positions, wide, shoulder width apart and together, by doing a combination of all 3 squats you are really working the lower body.


Lunges/walking lunges

A great exercise to do with the little ones, with your baby in a secure hold, take one leg forward bend down making sure your knee at the front does not come over the toes and push back up from the leg at the back, take a step forward and repeat. Those little ones will add extra weight and will really help build up your leg and bum muscles, and also works your core so your abdominals get a great workout too.

Sit ups

Only when your stomach muscles are back then go back to doing sit ups however some people find these hard to do, if you find them hard an easy way to help you is to put a towel under the neck to take away some of the strain, simply pull your chin up ensuring that you have a gap between your chin and chest squeeze at the top and then back down ensuring that you breathe out on the way up and in on the way down – breathing is so important when doing sit ups.


The Plank

A great abdominal exercise that engages more muscles than just the abs, you need to build up the length of plank overtime but start at 10s holds and gradually increase to a minute and repeat 5 times.



Grab a can of beans in each bands and work those biceps. I like to do 3 sets of 21’s as they really get the whole of the bicep working. So what are 21’s. This is basically 7 different reps of different positions straight off.

First set of 7, from your arm fully extended down to your sides up to your elbow bent at 90 degrees.

Second set from your elbow 90 degree position to your hands coming up towards the shoulders and back down to the 90 degree position

Third set going from the bottom straight up to the shoulders

A great burner for this muscle group



Sit with the heels of your hands on the edge of a sturdy chair, slide your bum off the seat and support your weight with your hands, bend your elbows back and slowly lower your bum towards the floor keeping your bellows tucked in and push back up until your arms are straight. Try to achieve between 8 to 10. If you find these easy take out each of the legs and straighten them, this will make the work out harder.


Press ups

Choose the level that you can perfect and then progress

Basic, on all fours and take your knees back slightly so that are knees and legs are at a 45 degree angle and that you can get a good rock when you bend from your elbow.


Intermediate – full press up position

Advanced – press up on one foot

Press ups give a good total body workout, working the legs, bum, stomach, shoulders, arms and chest.

All of the above exercises are those that you can do at home, however it can be hard to motivate yourself to do exercise so why not try an exercise class that you can take your little one along with you, for example Pram fit or buggy fit a great outdoor exercise class normally in a pram so you can get some you time and the little ones can enjoy looking around the park. Other classes can include |Yoga or Pilates all good exercise after having a baby.

Good luck!

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