December 9, 2016

The Baby Bible

FOOK All the Mummy Judgement!


Dear Mums,

I originally set up the blog, Facebook group and secret page,  to start a No Bullshit Mum Revolution, providing all mums with a place to express their opinions and experiences of Motherhood – NO JUDGEMENT.

It is a sad realisation to make that when you become a mum you also come into the firing line of judgment and ridicule.  It’s even sadder when you realise that the people dropping these bulls*** bombs of destruction are at times in fact other mums.

Now I am not saying we are all doe eyed, meek women who cannot bear to be criticised or to hear other peoples point of view.  Or that we are all total biatch faces hell bent on causing misery to every mum we meet.  HOWEVER, what I am saying is that we need to call an end to making other mums feel like crap.

Because, you know what? Why the hell should we put up with judgemental comments and remarks against the decisions we make concerning how we bring up and care for our Tiny Humans?  Why should we, during one of the most shit scary and vulnerable times of our lives, when we are doubting who we are and beating ourselves up on an hourly basis, then have to accept further body blows from others?  In particular when those others are women who are mothers themselves either in the same boat as us or have experienced similar situations?

Ladies, lets instead please stop with the “one up-mumship” tactics.  Motherhood is not a competition and aren’t our lives hard enough trying to keep our Tiny Humans alive and happy without then having to deal with the judgey pants crowd we assumed and hoped we had left behind us in our neon-coloured-scrunchy-wearing-playground-days?

As a fellow No Bull Mum I would just like to say that I don’t care less if you breastfeed until your child is Six or if you formula feed from the moment they are born.  I couldn’t give a shit if you co sleep or if your child goes straight into their own room.  And who really gives a flying f&*k if your baby loves a dummy, if you feed your child pots of supermarket brought food or home grown organic? If they have taken their first steps or gurgled their first words in record breaking time? If you have done baby lead weaning, if you can fit into your skinny jeans or have ditched them instead for anything with an elasticated waist…..  SERIOUSLY LADIES who REALLY gives a shit?

What I do give a shit about is people making other mums who are struggling through the battle of motherhood feel inadequate, ashamed and freaks for making decisions they feel are best for their Tiny Human.  What I do care about is being honest to ourselves and being able to admit that this Motherhood game is a bloody hard one and that at times we are just not coping, despite the fact that we feel we have to declare we are to the rest of the world.  What I do give a flying f*%k about is that we sometimes hate ourselves, our partners and our new mum shaped lives.  That motherhood has meant that we can feel lonely, isolated, unsexy and desperate for a glass of wine and a Marlboro light (despite not smoking since we were 16 and it being 7am).  And that sometimes we want to rebel against motherhood , let down our hair, have a crazy night of reckless fun ending up with us hiding in the neighbours garden after doing a runner from the taxi. (#sorrynotsorry)

This DOES NOT mean we are bad mothers who don’t give a shit about our Tiny Humans.  We do not have to declare they are the center of our universe to anyone and everyone who will listen 24 hours a day, as this is already a given as they are ours and we are their mums.

You have grown Tiny lashes, fingernails a heart and a brain filled with a whole new world of imagination, personality and endless possibilities!  You are truly magnificent and even more so on the bad days, when the baby shit has hit the fan, the house looks like you’ve been burgled and you are still in your baby puke covered pjs when your partner comes home.  Yes even then and even if this bad day turns into a bad week.  You know why? Because my lovely, you are surviving, you are doing your best and you are keeping your Tiny Human loved and cared for regardless of all this other crap that gets flung at you.  NO ONE has the right to make you feel other than the downright GODDESS Awesome woman that you are.

NEVER forget this or that you are doing an amazing job!

Lots of love,

Liv xxx

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