May 16, 2016

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Teething is a Biatch! & Why it doesn’t have to be thanks to Mummy Author Emma Reed


“We’re coming for you Teething Hell!!”


Teething is a biatch!  We’ve all been there, in the middle of teething hell with our Tiny Humans writhing in pain and us trying our hardest to soothe them whilst also just wanting it to stop so you can both get some sleep.  It’s bloody awful.  It’s heart wrenching to see your little one in so much pain, knackering because you’ve been up for five days straight and overwhelming as you have no idea of what combination of methods will work or when the hell it will finally stop and give you and your Tiny Human a well deserved break!

Fellow No Bull Mum, Emma Reed,  knows about this all only too well.  So well in fact that after going through it with her very own Tiny Human she decided enough was enough.  She was sick and tired of having to search for remedies all over google, she instead wanted one place that offered a one stop shop where mums could go to to get all the advice and “try before you buy” tips, in one place.  She couldn’t find one, so decided to create her own in the form of a book offering mums much needed advice and support as they and their Tiny Human battle through teething hell!

Anyone out there currently going through this or know of a friend who is (as lets face it us mums always know another mum who is battling with bloody teething) then this is the book and the No Bull Momma for you!

So let’s find out a little bit more about her shall we before she takes part in the No Bull Mum Quickie…..

I am a married Mother of one. My son, Jake, arrived as a fantastic Christmas present on 25 December 2013 and is now a very active toddler, keeping me very fit and always on my toes!

So, whats the story behind the book? 

Jake suffered terribly with his teething and I struggled to find help, support and advice even after speaking to doctors and a dentist. I began to research this development myself and found I became quite an expert! A friend once said to me ‘you know so much, you should write a book!’ and from that the idea just grew and one sunny day last August I began to write and never stopped. I would write and research whilst my son napped and in the evening. I have learnt how to create the covers and layout, I have carried out all of the research, as well as sourcing the images and speaking to every company I have written about. It has been a labour of love to try and get all the information into one place for other parents to be able to refer to and to hopefully help them where I couldn’t find any.



Want your very own copy sat on your nursery shelf? Then be sure take part in our No Bull Mum competition at the end of this article!! xx


What can Mums expect from the book?

I have included all the information that I felt I would want to know about teething- I think it is an area that is very overlooked, but considering every person goes through it in their lives you would think we would know a lot more and that more help and advice would be offered.  The book includes sections on what teething is, the order teeth appear, the history of teething, the remedies currently on the market, old wives’ tales, remedies from around the world, symptoms and oral care. I have also included parents quotes to give a personal touch. I really hope it can help and reassure many future parents.

Emma’s book “Your Teething Baby” is available on Amazon as a paperback for £10.99 and Kindle Edition for £6.50.  However, Emma is offering you the chance to win a copy in our “Teething is a biatch” competition detailed at the end of this interview.

So lets get to know Emma a little bit better as we put her in the No Bull Mum Hot Seat and ask her to complete a bunch of random statements themed around the letters of NO BULL MUM (Like what I did there!!??):


The No Bull Mum Quickie:

Never thought I’d…. use Peppa Pig to get some peace and quiet

Only when no one…. is watching I cry my eyes out at soppy films!

Biggest BullS%$£ I’ve been told about Motherhood is….. to sleep when they sleep. No mother ever successfully does this there is always far too much to do!

Under no circumstances would I…… betray somebody’s trust

Last time I screamed/cried/shouted is…… most days in the week (I’m a Mother after all lol).

Last time I sang out loud is……. every single day!  I’ve been known to sing along whilst I am running with earphones in (and sometimes adding Zumba moves in!) Oops

My moment of mummy horror was…… when I didn’t put a nappy straight onto my son after a bath. He pooped on the landing without me knowing. He managed to put his hand and foot in it before sliding backwards down the stairs, smearing it all the way down our cream carpet!

Underneath my mum exterior is……… a Zumba loving, piano playing, family girl who misses her crazy nights out from her 20’s (plus the energy!)

Moment of heart bursting, smile-til-my-face-ached-with-love was…….. having my son and finally getting to hold him after a traumatic c-section. Knowing he was fine and safely in my arms was an amazing feeling.


Want to win a copy of Emma’s book?  Here’s how:


The No Bull Mum Competition – Teething is a Biatch!

The book is available on Amazon as a paperback for £10.99 and Kindle Edition for £6.50 and the lovely Emma is offering a fellow No Bull Mum the chance to win their very own copy.  All you need to do is pop over and “like” Emma’s Facebook page and then finish the following statement off by providing your answer in the comment box below this article or if you’re reading this on Facebook, comment below the post on The Baby Bible Facebook page.


“This #NoBullMum thinks teething is ……………”


The best entry will receive their very own copy of the book.  All entries are to be in by 12pm Weds 18th May with the winner being announced on The Baby Bible public and secret page on Friday 20th May.  Please make sure you have “liked” both Emma’s Facebook page and The Baby Bible page for your entry to be valid.  Good luck mommas!! xxxx

Here at The Baby Bible I’m all about supporting all mums and their ventures whether it being writing a book, promoting a new product, trying to get their baby to sleep through the night or finally win the battle of emptying the bloody dirty washing basket!  Therefore, please show our lovely Emma some No Bull Mum love by following her on Facebook, over on Twitter @EmReed01 and instagram E_Reed82.