November 20, 2013

The Author


Hi there, my name is Liv and I am the proud owner of two tiny humans and the mum behind The Baby Bible; a funny, honest and straight talking blog covering everything from post-baby vaginas to Postnatal Depression, uniting mums worldwide to be able to talk about ALL areas of motherhood – NO Judgement!

After suffering with severe Postnatal Depression and Postpartum Psychosis following the birth of my two daughters, I struggled to find anywhere that portrayed motherhood in all its magical, challenging and real glory.  I therefore, started to write about my experiences, which then turned into a online support group and then this blog.  My writing continued and developed into a book on Motherhood and my experiences of maternal mental health which was then sent to all the big name publishers who all came back saying that it was “too real”, “too honest” and therefore “too risky” to be published.

So I shelved the book, had our 2nd baby and continued to write through my battles with Prenatal Depression, PND and Postpartum Psychosis for a second time.  A year later, whilst cleaning the kitchen and finally getting around to sorting the “pile of doom” hidden in the corner, I came across my book proposal in amongst the old bills and dust covered magazines and decided to release the first part of my book on my blog.

It received an overwhelmingly positive response from my readers and was picked up in the national press, which then led to me being approached by Harper Collins and Penguin – both now interested in publishing the book (ironically both had rejected it a year earlier).

I now have Harper Collins publishing my book; “BONKERS – A Real Mums Hilariously Honest Tales of Motherhood, Mayhem & Mental Health” which is available to pre order on Amazon now here


Since recovering from my PND and Postpartum Psychosis I’ve gone on to set up The Every Mum Movement, a campaign which empowers mums to take care of their maternal mental health and speak more openly and honestly about motherhood. The movement has gone from strength to strength, gaining support from the NHS HEE, NCT, Netmums and high profile celebrity parents, as well as leading me to speak at the Department of Health and the Houses of Parliament.  Totally BONKERS and if anyone had told me that this was going to happen when I was suffering with my mental health, I would have thought you were the crazy one!

I write regularly for leading magazines, parenting titles and blog sites and I am a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and The Metro.  Most importantly though, I love and feel privileged to be the mummy to my gorgeous girls and wife to my awesome hubby and a friend to all the amazing mums I’ve met since setting up The Baby Bible.


If being able to talk about all areas of Motherhood – NO Judgement sounds like just what you are in need of then please come and sign up to the blog and follow me on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  You can also join the secret Facebook group by emailing me

Here’s to supporting the ethos that every mum deserves the right to enjoy motherhood – NO Judgement!

Love Liv xxxx