November 20, 2013

The Book

I actually got a bloody book deal!!  Yes, I know I can’t quite believe it either!  After two years of banging my No Bull Mum drum, getting an agent, then losing an agent and after all the top publishers telling me a big fat n”NO!” as they liked my writing but it was either “too real” or that I was not well known enough, I actually got a deal.

Yes, after a year of rejections, I thought to hell with it and released the first little bit of my book on my blog and the response was amazing.  Lots of lovely fellow No Bull Mums got in touch to say it was just what they needed to read and it was then picked up in the national press and BOOM along came the lovely lot over at Harper Collins and offered to actually publish it!

So I’m going to have my book published, by real life publishers (not just ones I’ve dreamt of) and its going to be on the shelves of real shops for all you lovely real life mums to buy – Bloody amazing!